Let's Talk 8 How far and How to get there

Three activities I use with this lesson, a 'janken' card collecting game, a distance quiz and then making and memorizing dialogues.

Two quick points. The pictures and information in the quiz and on the worksheet are based on Uonuma schools and have pictures taken from goggle maps of a house my parents once occupied. To use this lesson plan you'll need to do some editing and a little research. It is fairly easy to edit this one and the research can be done mostly by google map. I've left the quiz as it is to give an example. However if you do it as it is it will be meaningless to your students. Unless you are my replacement.

  1. The card game. After introducing the phrase 'How can we get to ~?' and getting the students to provide some examples 'by foot', 'by car', etc. tell them you'll be practicing with a card game. Each student will get 3 or 4 cards. They make pairs and greet each other then take turns asking and answering questions 'How can we get to ~?' and when they answer the pull out the matching card. After they have both asked and answered then they play 'rock, scissors, paper' and the winner takes the losers card and they say 'thank you, bye'. Once they have no cards they should sit down. After you see a few students sitting down then end the game and count cards. The students with the most are the champions. When demonstrating make sure to practice quite a bit and make certain to have the JTE tell the students the point is to practice the language and not just play 'janken' with their friends. The sometimes need reminding.

  2. The next is a group quiz. The students guess the distances between their school and various places in their city, around Japan or even the world depending on your level of research. You can copy the slides and add as many locations as you like. If the students ask tell them the distance is based on roads and not directly point to point. The information about the school to my family's home was based on school to Narita Airport, Narita Airport by plane to the closest international airport and then from there to the house by city streets and highway.

  3. Finally the worksheet has a few locations and a dialogue. The students work in pairs to make dialogues based on the locations, memorize them and come to the teacher to share the dialogue. I usually reward stickers if the students can complete two or more dialogues.


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Estimated time: All three activities should fill in an entire lesson

Submitted by: UonumaRobert

January 11, 2019


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