Comparative and Superlative Review Quiz

This is a three choice quiz meant to review comparative and superlative grammar points.

You'll need the TV, a computer or tablet and worksheets.

Explain that you'll be doing a review quiz and make groups and hand out the worksheets.

The students should fill in the missing words after they see each question. Because some of the quiz vocabulary is pretty hard the worksheet allows for short cuts to make it easier to write. When showing the quiz if you click on the question it will make a banner appear with the example of how to answer the question. If you click on the answer banner the banner will disappear again.

For example the first question asks 'what is the tallest statue?' and the statue names are a bit difficult to say and write so they can answer it 'China's statue is the tallest'.

A few other things to note when doing this quiz.

Some of the pictures if you click on them a larger version of the picture will appear. You can then click on that to make it disappear. This is so kids can better see the images.

The questions where there are five characters when you click once four sentences and then the question appear. The students will want to see the sentences again. Click on the back arrow or swipe back if you are using a tablet. Then click forward again. Like all the questons if you click on the question an example of the answer will appear.

I suggest playing around with it a bit before using it so you are familiar with each slide. I make this stuff for myself so I'm not always super concerned about how clear other users will find it.

Like any of these quiz games I usually make groups, have everyone write their answer. One member from each group brings their answer to the teacher and after every group has answered do an answer check together. Points go to the groups that get the answer.

At the point of the worksheet is space for students to individually write extended answers to questions such as 'what is the most beautiful place in Japan?' or 'which do you like better money or friends?'

Cut questions if you want it shorter.


Comparative and Superlative Review Quiz.docx

Comparative and Superlative Review Quiz.pptx

Comparative and Superlative Review Quiz (Wide Screen).pptx

Total 2

Estimated time: 15 to 30 minutes depending on the class and how you do the quiz

Submitted by: UonumaRobert

January 09, 2019

JoeyJoJo January 22, 2019

Thanks for this, even my quiet class was getting into it. They really like debating which is the right answer.

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