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This is a multiple choice quiz about the ALT's family or friends. It requires a lot of editing to use.

I use this activity with my family members, friends or teachers at the school. Since I didn't want to share their pictures I put in generic art and names instead.

This is a quiz game that gets played in two rounds. In the first round the students are asked questions about two people the ALT knows (family, teachers or friends). There are four questions in this round. You will need to change to pictures to people you know and you'll need to change the questions and answers to questions and answers suitable to the people you know.

The answer order here is: Dad, Dad, Mom, Dad although in this round any order is okay.

Then say goodbye to those two people and hello to the next four. The activity remains the same but now there are four choices so it is leveled up. You will again need to make questions suitable to people you know. In this round the answer doesn't appear on the screen. A circle just lights up around the correct person. When you edit it is probably easier to follow the same answer order I have here and just change the questions.

The answer order here is: friend, gramps, bro, sis, bro, sis, friend, gramps

I generally use this as a group activity. Each group writes their answer. One member brings the answer to the teacher and then one all the groups have answered the question we do an answer check then continue to the next question.

I mostly use this activity with 1st year classes to introduce third person verbs such as 'He plays tennis' but if I'm new at a school I'll adapt it for 2nd year or 3rd year lessons. In that case I sometimes use it to introduce passive voice or relative pronouns.

After the quiz there is a writing exercise where the students can write about famous people or people they know.




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Estimated time: 20 minutes on the quiz and then 20 minutes writing about other characters.

Submitted by: UonumaRobert

January 09, 2019


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