Awesome-ish Game

A write and race group game. They race to answer the questions to get points.

Set up the TV and computer.

Prepare worksheets for each student.

Before making groups explain a bit about the grammar with the JTE and do the demonstration. The ALT will fill the role of teacher and the JTE a student.
Listen to the ALT's question and use the key words to answer the question 'What can dogs do?' 'Dogs can~' various answers are okay.

The JTE will answer the question and then pick one of the numbers at the top of the screen. That will reveal how many points they get. The points range from 1 to 5 plus two special points. Happy Dance means they get 4 points and every team gets 2 points. Godzilla means they lose 4 points. Tough luck.

Make groups and start the activity. The ALT will read the question, the JTE can check the answer then they come to ALT to pick a number and get their points. Students can record the points on the board themselves.

Since this is an activity where groups must wait until all the groups are finished before going to an answer check and then the next question it may be necessary to do a time limit. Either that or modify the worksheet so groups can come up to get a single bonus point for adding extra information. The example 'Dogs can catch a ball' (select a number from the screen), 'Dogs are cute' (get a bonus point for your team)

I've included the short 'Can you Sign Game'


Awesome-ish Game 'The Can Version'.docx

Awesome-ish Game 'The Can Version'.pptx

Can you Sign Game.docx

Total 1

Estimated time: 30 minutes or so depending on the class. I usually do a 'Can Sign Game' warm-up then jump into this activity to fill a full lesson.

Submitted by: UonumaRobert

January 08, 2019


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