Can you job hunt?

A speaking based, find your partner activity practicing "Can you~?"

The game itself is not very difficult. The set-up however needs to be very carefully thought out. There are a total of 40 cards. The cards are set in pairs, so if you have an uneven amount of students, you will need to include yourself and / or a JTE to make it work.
Write "Boss/Manager" and "Worker" side by side on the board. From here you can show an existing pair of cards like "Business Manager" and "Office Worker".
List all of the pairs and make sure the students know what each pair is.With a JTE, show an example of a mismatch pair, an almost perfect pair, and a perfect match.
Please count the cards and find corresponding pairs before starting to make sure everyone will be matched up evenly.
Tell the students that the cards are a secret to (hopefully) prevent them from sharing.
Pass the cards out randomly.
Have the "worker card" students stand in the back of the room. Spread the "Boss card" students evenly amongst the desks. There should be enough room of every "Boss" to have their own "office"
Let the "workers" go and find their "boss"
Something like a job interview will follow where the bosses will ask a series of "Can you" questions to see if the "worker" is right for the job.
If the worker answers "Yes, I can." to all the questions they have found their matching partner.
If time permits collect the worker and boss cards in separate piles, shuffle and play again.


I usually use the "Business-Office" example as a demonstration to get the "type fast" questions out of the way.
If I you are feeling generous, you can write the words that students may have trouble with or are not familiar with on the board. However, I encourage you to let the students try to read the cards.


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Estimated time: 15 - 20 min

Submitted by: ALTopedia

January 08, 2019


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