Can you read Kanji?

Students ask other classmates if they can read unknown kanji characters.

I would demonstrate the activity first by writing a kanji character on the blackboard that the students are sure not to know. Then ask, "Can you read read this kanji?" or "Can you say this kanji?"
Next hand out the prints. There is an A version and B version for one half of the class and the other.
Students ask the other half of the class for the kanji's pronunciation not written on the worksheet by practicing "Can you read/say this kanji?" many, many times.
When finished getting all of the answers, students ask the JTE for the meaning of each kanji.
If there is time left, ask any volunteers if they can write any of the kanji. "Can you write...?"

If you can come up with any variations or improvements, please write them in the comment section.


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January 08, 2019


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