Can Animals

Students practice an array of activities to help them learn the proper way of using the CAN helping verb.

Hand out the first page of the worksheet and tell the students to fill in the worksheet as they listen to the JTE/ALT. NOTE: there is a toolbox to help the students spell the words they have trouble with.
JTE: You are a bird.
ALT: I am a bird.
JTE: You can fly.
ALT: I can fly.
JTE: And, you can eat insects.
ALT: And, I can eat insects.
JTE: But, you can't read.
ALT: But, I can't read.
JTE: And, you can't cook
ALT: And, I can't cook
Repeat this pattern for the rest of the animals on the worksheet, having the students fill in the blanks.
There are four boxes at the bottom of the first worksheet. They are clues to an animal. Have the students individually read the clues and write the answers.
Then, hand out the second worksheet to the students. The students secretly choose in an animal and write in on their paper.
Once all the students have written an animal, have them stand up and walk around and asking each other "Can you..." questions. The student answering must reply, "Yes, I can." or "No, I can't." When a student figures out which animal a student has chosen, they write the student's name on the correct line: Takumi is a dog.
Once the students have completed this handout and if time allows, have them practice writing various can/can't sentences in their notebook. Takumi is a dog. He can walk. And, he can run. But, he can't read or write.


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January 08, 2019


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