Animals Doing Stuff

This is a write and race group activity. The students will see images of animals doing things then race to write sentences about those actions.

Set up the TV and computer and bring the one page worksheet for each student as well as cutting out the rounds 1 through 3 group sheets and have one for each group.

The ALT and the JTE should explain or demonstrate the grammar point.

Do not make groups or give out the worksheets yet.

After showing the title page tell the students they will see three animal pictures. They must remember what they saw. Forward click to the 'are you ready message' then forward click again to show the images. If the students want to see them again backwards click and the fowards click again. Once they are ready go to the next screen. It says example on the table and has keywords and color boxes. Forward click again and show the incomplete sentence. 'The owl is ______ ________'. Ask the class or the JTE to complete the sentence with the words on the screen. They should come up with 'The owl is riding the skateboard'. After that tell them they would write the answer and show it to a teacher and then pick a color under 'a skateboard'. Click on the color to show how many points the group would get. After that if you like have them make the other two sentences 'the fish is walking on the land' and 'the cats are sleeping on the dog' and then go to the answer check screen. Do the answer check and make sure to note that the cats are plural so 'are' is necessary.

Now make groups and pass out the worksheets (one to each students) and the cut out group cards (one to each group).

Maybe practice the vocabulary on the worksheets, the verbs and round one animals.

Show the images once or two then go the game screen and have the students start coming up. One member from a group should come to the teachers with their worksheet after finishing one sentence and they should also bring their group sheet. Check the answer and then check the group sheet so the same group doesn't come up with the same answer many times. After that student gets their points they go back and the next student comes with their sentence. All the groups will be moving at the same time so it can get a little wild. Divide the work of checking answers and computer the computer between ALT and JTE.

There are six color point rows. If the class only breaks up into six groups I suggest removing a row. Not every group has a chance to get every sentence. This should encourage them to move faster. Once one or two groups are finished start a countdown and then stop the round. Do an answer check and then move onto the next round.

The points can be recorded on the board. I generally have the students record their own points since both teachers are quite busy.


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Estimated time: Including demonstration and doing the activity between 20 and 30 minutes depending on the class. One it gets going it goes fast.

Submitted by: UonumaRobert

January 08, 2019


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