As Good as it Gets Point Get Game

This is a short activity for practicing the 'As ~ As' grammar point.


You will need the TV and a computer or tablet.

You will need the two page worksheet for each student in the class. There are three group record sheets on the last page. Cut them out and give one to each group. (I think the file is too big. I will post the worksheet after the activity is loaded)

As Good As It Gets Game

Click to get to the demonstration stage. Click to get the first example 'A banana is as yellow as a ____' click again to show the answer 'A banana is as yellow as a lemon' and then tell the students they should write a sentence like this and bring it to the teacher to check. If the teacher says okay then they can pick a color. Click on that color to see how many points the group gets.

There are two more examples to show different patterns that are also important. The first 'Dogs are cute as cats' is to point out that for animals and some other things it is better to use the plural forms. The final example uses the negative 'Putin isn't as funny as Imoto'.

Now that the activity has been demonstrated make groups and give the students their worksheets and a record sheet for each group.

If you are using a computer then explain that when a student comes with an answer they bring their group record sheet and their answer sheet. Show the answer to the teacher then go to the ALT to pick a color. The ALT will check one of the boxes on their group record sheet to make sure the students aren't coming up again and again with the same answer from the same group. I usually have the students record their own points on the board.

I usually use this activity with a tablet. In this case both the ALT and the teacher check answers and check off the boxes on the record sheet. The students can tap the color they want and record their own points.

There are six color sets so in a class with more than six groups they need to hurry or they will lose the chance to get points for some of the sentences. In a class with only six groups I usually eliminate the orange row so that they still need to rush to answer questions. Once any team is finished I set a time limit of about a minute and then end the round. There are three rounds with the final round having a small level up.

Finally check the points and cheer the winning team.


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Estimated time: If you are using all the activities then it takes the full lesson. The As Good As It Gets Game generally takes about 20 minutes and the quiz takes about the same time and often longer in a big class.

Submitted by: UonumaRobert

January 07, 2019


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