Big Top Circus Game and Curse of the Mummy

These are write and race type activities. The groups compete to answer the questions the ALT or teacher gives them.


This is a new version of this game. I'm using it for classes that aren't allowed to make traditional groups or work in pairs. This is for present perfect practice. Specifically using 'for' and 'since'. The questions and answers can be changed with a little editing. The students use the keywords on the screen to make sentences.

Tell the students that each row is a team. The first student in each row should stand up and raise their hand to try and answer the question. If they can answer it they pick a letter and get points or a clown. If they get a clown their team loses all their points (easy come easy go). Once one student has answered click on the green bar. This is for the timer. On the demo screen it is only 10 seconds but on the regular screens it is for a minute. Thus other students in the first row have a chance to answer as well. Once time is up click on the keywords to show an example answer then on the answer to go to the next screen. Like the other version you click on the right side of the tent to make it go up. After the round have the second row of kids stand up and do the next question.

I've included eight questions but I generally only do about six. Then we go onto ALT Talk time. Students write about themselves in their notebook and then one at time come to talk to the ALT. Read their passage and answer a question or two. When they go back they can work on something provided by the JTE. It is important to keep things organized. Make sure the JTE instructs them to have one student come to the ALT (In the hallway) and one can stand and wait. Others should wait at their desks to avoid crowding.

I've also included a 'has' or 'hasn't' quiz to introduce the target language.


These ones are pretty straight forward. They both follow the same rules. One has mummies instead of clowns. It can be a bit scary with the groaning. Also with the curse of the mummy you need to teach the shapes and colors 'blue moon', 'red thunder' etc.

The Following are the rules for the BIG TOP CIRCUS GAME. Curse of the Mummy is pretty much played the same way.

After demonstrating the activity click on the right side of the tent texture to make the tent open and the question or keywords appear.

On the green card at the bottom of the screen you can add either the question you want the students to answer or the keywords they should use in the answer they give you. I prefer that version so as an example the card will say '_____ for ___ years' and my question will be 'How long have you studied English?'

The students will work in a group to complete the answer then one member will bring their answer to the JTE and give their answer. Then come to the ALT and select a letter from the screen. Click on the letter and a balloon with 1 to 3 points will appear. Or a clown will appear and if that happens they get to play janken with the ALT since clowns are lots of and janken is fun. If they win they get 4 points but if they lose their team loses all of its points. Clowns are fun right. The ALT and JTE roles can of course be reversed.

One my worksheet there are three lines for each question. Usually because teams work at different speeds in order to give the slower teams a bit more time I allow other teams to come up more than once. They can add follow up information such as 'I think English is interesting' for an addition bonus point. For the bonus points they do not pick a letter they simply add an extra point.

Once the round is done click on the question box and it will vanish revealing the answer box. Do the answer check then click answer box to go to the next screen.

When editing filling in questions is easy however to add the answers you'll have to either move the question box out of your way or use the draw select tools to cause the question box to become unseen, fill in the answer then make the question seen again.

NEW: 1ST YEAR BIG TOP CIRCUS GAME 'Family and Friends Interview'

This is a two part activty. The circus game is meant to review the plural verb forms of the W5 Questions. It should be done in groups and without writing. The goal is to do it quickly so there is enough time for the interview. Put the W5 question words up on the board and check the meaning before starting.

The second is an example for how the students should interview the ALT. The JTE should take the role of the interviewer and get the students to fill in the blanks. And then repeat along with the teacher each question before the ALT answers it. They should ask one question, say thanks and then go back to their group to think of new ones. The memos are in Japanese. If you are able to edit this part you can switch the picture out otherwise just use the Miki example. The answers are 'November 17th, Canada, Yes she does, Track, in the spring and summer.'

The next page has a profile and the final few slides show pictures of who the students will be interviewing you and the teacher about. NOTE you really should change these pictures with people from your life and the teacher's life.


The demo screen. If you click on any shape it will show the points. The top row is 4 points, then 3 then 2 then 1. NOTE there is 1 mummy. It is the left blue moon. Click it after you've clicked one or two other points.


Big Top Circus Game.pptx

Big Top Circus Worksheet.docx

Big Top Circus (2nd Year New Crown Lesson 6 Review).docx

Big Top Circus (2nd Year New Crown Lesson 6 Review).pptx



Curse of the Mummy 1st Year Review.docx

Curse of the Mummy 1st Year Review.pptx

Big Top Circus 'How long have you'.docx

Big Top Circus 'how long have you'.pptx

Curse of the Mummy 'how long have you'.docx

Curse of the Mummy 'how long have you'.pptx

1年生 BIG TOP CIRCUS 'Family and Friends Interview' PLURALVERBS.pptx

1年生 BIG TOP CIRCUS 'Family and Friends Interview' WORKSHEET.docx

CIRCUS ROWS GAME 'Present Perfect'.pptx

Total 1

Estimated time: depending on difficulty of the questions or the number of questions you prepare this game take anywhere from 20 minutes to a full lesson

Submitted by: UonumaRobert

December 28, 2018


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