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Students listen for their card to be called and rush to collect toys.

Originally submitted by Roger Parker


Soft toys. (3x)


Make four teams (if over 20 students) and get them to sit at one end of the room in their rows.
For the purposes of explaining this activity, let's say the topic you are teaching is animals. Tell the first student from each team they are a lion and put the lion flashcard down beside each student. Place a tiger next to the second student from each team, and so on. If a few teams are uneven, assign one student from each team two animals to even everything up.
Place three different soft toys on the floor well away from the students. Spread them out a bit so it's not too easy to get to more than one at a time.
When you call an animal, the students who are that animal rush and try to get as many toys as they can in a set time.(n.b.: It is possible to get all three if they are fast. Each toy is worth one point.)
Rinse and repeat.


You could assign two points to one toy.
You could get the students to first touch something, then rush to get the toys. For example, if a previous lesson was on colors, you could say “blue cat” and all the students that are cats have to touch something blue before they rush to the toys.
You could get the kids to hop, jump or run backwards when rushing to the toys.

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Estimated time: 15-20 min

Submitted by: ALTopedia

May 09, 2018


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