"May I ~ ?" flowchart janken

Students practice polite requests as they try and reach the finish line by winning janken matches.


To answer four questions in the positive, making it to the FINISH.
You have 3 strikes (chances) to make it to the FINISH.

Make pairs.
Janken to decide who answers the questions (janken winner, S1) and who asks the questions (janken loser, S2).
S2 asks their question, e.g. "May I have some curry?".
The students janken again.
If S1 wins, they answer the affirmative answer (white box) and then move to the next question. S2 asks the next question.
If S1 loses, they answer the negative answer (black box) and go back to the start. They also mark off a "strike". S2 asks the first question again and S1 attempts to reach the FINISH.
For S1 to reach the finish, they must therefore win 4 janken matches in a row to get the affirmative answers.
Once finished (S1 wins or strikes out), change partners. Repeat from step 1.

If S1 loses a janken, they must answer the negative answer and GO BACK TO THE VERY START (not just back one level).



Total 1

Estimated time: 5-10 minutes

Submitted by: Bob Fossil

December 12, 2018


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