Hi Friends 2! Lesson 6 What Time Do You Get Up

A board game to practice telling the time and saying parts of their daily routine.

In groups of 2-6 they will play this board game using either erasers or pencil caps as counters.
To start they play rock, paper, scissors to see who will roll the dice first.
If a student lands on a clock they must say "It's -------." followed by the time shown.
If students land on an picture illustrating a daily routine, for example a picture showing someone waking up in bed, it should elicit the sentence "I get up at ------." The time the student should say to finish the sentence is the time they usually get up. All the times said when they land on the daily routine pictures are times they actually do these activities. For the parts included in the textbook that evidently aren't in every students' daily routine (for example the sports pictures) I tell the students to say any time.
Special squares on the board: Go straight (if you land on this square you go forward however many spaces it says), Go back (if you land on this square you go back however many spaces it says/or back to the start/ or follow the arrow back), ONE MORE TIME (if you land on this space roll the dice again), Don't go (if you land on this square skip one go).
If you would like this to last as long as possible, state as a rule the students must roll the exact number of squares they need to move in order to finish.


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Estimated time: The fewer the amount of students in a group, the shorter the time. For 4 students it takes about 15 minutes for them to all complete it.

Submitted by: HSlimmDawg

December 05, 2018


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