She is the girl who is... New Horizon 2, pg 85

Pair activity where students practice the grammar point "He/She/Yuki is the girl who is riding a bike." It can be used with New Horizon 2, but could also be a stand alone activity.

Give worksheets 1 and 2 to the students to make pairs with. They can Janken to decide who asks the first question. The first student who is, for example, worksheet 1, will ask "Who is Hanna?" His/her partner with worksheet 2 can answer by looking at the picture under Hanna's name, and answer "Hanna is the girl who is riding a skateboard." The students can then swap places or the first student can continue asking all 6 questions and then swap. This is up to the teacher. After finishing the questions the students write 4 sentences, for example, "Ann is the girl who is skipping rope."


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Estimated time: 10 to 15 minutes

Submitted by: kentstray

November 30, 2018


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