New Horizon 2, page 78 "Which bus goes to...?"

A pair activity that allows students to practice giving directions in a real world situation.

The A and B worksheets are handed out to the class equally as pair work (with the JTE making up one half of a pair if there are odd numbers), and students can janken to decide who starts.
The first student (A) asks, (from the A worksheet) “Excuse me. Which bus goes to Ikebukuro station?”
The place names are in the word box numbered 1 to 4 to make it easier.
B student then looks at the map, finds Ikebukuro station, traces the road back to the bus stop at the bottom of the page, and relays the information back to his/her partner using the dialogue as a guide.
Student A writes down the information he/she hears from B, and they both continue this process while using the dialogue as a guide.
Each student has four chances to ask a question.


Which bus goes to 16 November 2018.docx

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Estimated time: 15 to 20 minutes.

Submitted by: kentstray

November 29, 2018


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