Passive - Guess the food

Students practice the passive verb form by quizzing each other about food.

First I start off by quizzing the students about a couple different kind of foods. For example:

  • It's eaten in Korea. It's made of Bok choy (Hakusai). It's spicy. (Kimchi)
  • It's eaten in Scotland. It's made of a sheep's stomach, heart, liver, and lungs. (Haggis)
  • It's eaten in Kyushu. It's a soup made from pig bones. You eat it with noodles. (Tonkotsu/Hakata ramen)
  • It's eaten in France. It's made from egg, cream, and cheese. It looks like a pie. (Quiche)

Next I pass out the papers and ask the students to come up with their own food and hints. It might be helpful to explain the difference between "made of" and "made from." The third hint line is for a free hint. If possible, they can write it in passive form, but that can be a little challenging so I usually just say that the third hint can be anything.

Once the students have thought of their foods, I ask them to quiz each other. If their partner has the correct answer, they sign the "Correct" section, and if they don't, they sign the "Sorry..." section.

The activity is fairly short and simple, so there are two papers on each page. Just chop the paper in half before passing them out.


Passive whats this food.docx

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Estimated time: 20 minutes

Submitted by: Jake W

November 27, 2018


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