Four Corners

Inside various squares around the classroom are the 'target vocabulary' words. Students choose a square to stand in and listen to see if it's the English word the teacher calls out.

Originally submitted by Lynn Bunter

If you're from America, you might remember playing "4 Corners" as a kid.
This game also works really well for young students here as a way to practice any difficult vocabulary words.

•Assign each of the four corners of the classroom a word that the students have trouble remembering. For example, make a watermelon, grape, strawberry and peach corner.
•Throw up a picture in each corner so they can remember.
•To start, you stand in the center of the room and cover your eyes. The students have to choose one corner to stand in.
•Count down from 10 in English, then yell out the corner name.
•The students standing in that corner are OUT and must join you in the center.
•Start counting down again and yell out a new corner. Repeat this process until you have 1-3 students left standing.
•Once the kids get the hang of it, pick volunteers from the losing students who want to cover their eyes, count down and yell out a corner. Make sure the losers help you count down (great number practice)!

This activity gets the students running around and thinking of words in English. I played this with 1st and 2nd years and THEY LOVED IT.
I would imagine it would work well in 3rd and 4th too.


Great game for reviewing difficult vocabulary words. Fantastic for small kids but may not work as well for older students.
Split the class into smaller squares to practice more vocabulary words at the same time.


Picture cards (the number depends on your target vocabulary)

Total 0

Estimated time: 10-30

Submitted by: ALTopedia

April 30, 2018


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